My Why


I’d like to share how this came about.  When Monique Ruffin aka the Moon Mama suggested in her community Follow the Sun to say 100 I am affirmations a day I immediately rolled my eyes and thought “Yeah ok.  Not happening.” I was quickly consumed by thoughts of all the things I needed to do in a day and how this practice would not fit. Later that night I thought I had to do something.  My life cannot continue as it was. Let me start with 25 affirmations.  I could do 25 affirmations. I figured out I struggled with worth so those affirmations came first.  Then I thought GRATITUDE!!!  I need to be grateful before anything else. So I added 25 affirmations of gratitude.  Creativity and financial abundance soon followed and there they were.  My 100 affirmations for that moon cycle.  

For 28 days I repeated these affirmations faithfully and at the end of those 28 days there was a shift in my mindset.  My heart felt lighter and my confidence soared tremendously. It felt like the universe opened up and anything was within the realm of possibility.  Yes the negative thoughts try to peek back in but I know I have this solid foundation to lean back into.  Hope this helps shift something in you too.

Tomorrow (Jupiter's day) look for financial abundance and Friday (Venus' day) creativity.

I’m working on a journal with the affirmations and journal prompts for each day to make it more digestible and inspire reflection to guide your thoughts on this journey. Until then listen to my affirmations on YouTube and follow me on TikTok.  I’ll share affirmations and inspiration daily.



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