Let's talk synchronicity today (not posted on the actual day).  So I listen to and read Elizabeth Peru's Tip-Off every morning.  It's basically an astrology/numerology guide for your day.  So anyway today she mentioned synchronicity.  I'm like oh okay.  LOL 😂  The day goes on I forget about it.

MAN!!!!! Synchronicity hit me in the face about midday.  I see a post about neuroplasticity....

Yo so I completely forgot what happened that day BUT going through my journal I noticed I have spend time with my daughter, travel the world, and build community quite a bit.  As I'm reading this it hits me maybe possibly this opportunity I was presented and had reservations about will do just that.

What about you?  What do you want to do with your life?  Most people dream of traveling the world but few believe it's possible.  Maybe a trip here or there or when they retire.  What if, WHAT IF it's possible?!?!?!?

Take a look and let me know what you think:  FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!!!!!

Oh and airlines don't like to give discounts so if a travel agent or site tells you they are giving you one it's probably a lie. Here is a link:  Dollar Flight Club to a site that will alert you on AMAZING flight deals are the airlines announce them.  Never miss another sale and don't forget to book your hotel, resort, car rental, or cruise with me. 


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