Holding On or Letting Go

You know that guy from the last post?  That man(😍)? Warren Ballentine (The WB)?  The reason I met peanut butter cup guy?  Yeah, well he does like political commentary and stuff like that, oh and sports.  Cannot forget sports. But that guy, WB, needs to go on the road as a motivational speaker.  Like seriously.  My ass is pretty darn stubborn and I was HOT.  Livid actually.  Felt hurt, betrayed and belittled.  Oh man was I holding on to that shit too.

Then I came across this clip:

I wanted to share it but fortunately I had to listen to trim it for twitter.
His words hit home.  Not the morning mediation.  Not the reading or music I do and listen to center myself.  Shoot not even the rose quartz I decided I needed to wear.  I listened to it repeatedly and even tried to pick it apart (I said I'm stubborn).  I knew it was what I needed to hear.  I was determined to be right.  Not at peace, content, calm, just right.  No wonder I felt off for three days.  I was holding on to something I needed to let go of.  

If you have an organization and need, want or is looking for a speaker, I'm telling you get this dude. If not, check out Warren Ballentine on YouTube.  The live shows are especially fun.  Monday-Friday 10am EST to Noon.  


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